terça-feira, abril 18, 2017

She heard that he’s a poet
and wondered if he would write a poem
about her.

A wave of her 
shoulder length strands of pleasure
should flag down nearly any man
with an ounce of testosterone. 
She wondered if she had a poem in her hair.

She spoke a few soft words
layered with one of her smiles,
the kind most guys adore
because they don’t know if it means
to come closer or to leave her alone. 
Perhaps a poem rested in her smile.

If she had cleavage like Jayne Mansfield
surely he would
form lines about her in his mind
and feel compelled to tell the world
how she captured his lust.
She wished for breasts with a poem in her cleavage.

She touched him.
He seemed open to her arm around his waist. 
A poet felt like any other man. 
She pressed closer;
perhaps he sensed a poem
in the warmth of her lean figure.

Later in bed,
he stayed close, their legs entangled
unlike anything she could remember. 
She wondered if there had been a poem
in her loins.

She wished she smoked
and noticed that he didn’t. 
Perhaps if they shared a cigarette
he would be enticed by the drift of the smoke from her lips. 
Was there a poem in her sensual exhaling?

He seems so Hemingway,
mysterious, yet open to each moment.
Her mind played his movements
like a video tape recorder.
She wondered if she should write a poem about him? 
Was there a poem in this experience?

fotografia: Joana Meneses

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